Employee Recognition


Dante Evans, Crew Member

Team Taunton

I'm sure some of you keep asking yourself,

"who is this Dante and how does he get this many surveys!?" 

Dante started in Taunton when I took over in August of 2020.  He was eager to learn each and every position. Within his first few months he actually taught himself to be able to help out in every possible way he could. Dante's positive outlook and contagious smile can light up anyone's day, especially our customers. On some days you can hear Dante singing to the customers, singing and dancing with the team and having FUN!. Don't believe me take a look at some of these comments from the customers....

"The food was good as always but the customer service even through the drive through was great. Dante was the employee at the window taking care of me and he was very sweet and generous. All around awesome."

"Dante was an extremely nice young man. Very polite."

"Dante was very friendly and polite... had a smile on his face ."

"I came last week and the dude in the window the singer was so kind and personable it made me feel welcomed and and the dude next to him looked like his cousin dancing with him made my day" 

"The gentleman who handled my experience was first, at the ordering screen, very polite, clear and genuine sounding. He repeated my order back clearly and asked me if I wanted to donate to the Jimmy Fund in a manor that prompted me to be eager about donating. At the window when I pulled up, Dante greeted me warmly and sincerely. I truly felt he was happy to be serving me my lunch!!! Service was speedy and accurate. I did not feel rushed remotely. He used hand sanitizer while handling my order after touching the card machine which he handed out the window to be contactless. This meant a lot to me since money is one of the dirtiest things...he asked me if I was all set, handed me my items and said good bye do warmly that I smiled for a few minutes thinking about how enjoyable that drive thru experience was !!! I highly recommend Dante and hope this young man's service excellence is recognized appropriately! People like him at fast food eateries are hard to come by. Too often workers are grumpy and rush the customer, but Dante went above and beyond to instill the feeling that I was a truly valued customer."

Dante 2.jpg

As you can see the list goes on and on. Dante does an exceptional job each and every day and even on his bad days he comes in with a smile on his face wanting to work and serve the customers. 

I wanted to express my appreciation for him and his hard work he continues to do each day. I hope this helps you understand Dante a little better and now you're able to put a face with the name. 

-Rosie Beaudoin, Restaurant General Manager

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